Jul 1, 2022

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It's an Ugly Love, but...

It's an Ugly Love, but...

“It’s the beautiful moments that make up for the ugly love” _ Miles.

At that period of time, when I stopped reading books, when I had so many things to deal with, so many thoughts, so many doubts when I thought I would not find my passion, I found Colleen Hoover…

I hesitated a million times before picking up the book. I was so scared that if I read it and I didn’t like it, that tiny spec of me that wanted to get back to reading would disappear!

Ugly Love is the book that put me on track, restored my love for reading, and gave me the sense of security and bravery to read in a foreign language… Since the beginning of the book, I was hooked; I had neither the strength to put it down, nor the ability to forget about it, so from that moment on I lived with the characters, I experienced happiness, sadness, sorrow, grief, and love… I experienced love and its ugly side!

This book taught me to never lose hope, to never give up on love, to never let the past determine the future, and to NEVER see only the ugly side of love! Ugly Love felt like it explained the stages of love…the process of falling in love… and the process of dealing with the painful past.

To me, Colleen Hoover has proven to be an amazing writer; not only has the ability to integrate real feelings, real emotions, and real issues… but also with unbelievable plot twists that make your insides do a triple flip!! My opinion about Colleen Hoover’s style is not only based on one book, but I have reached the number of nine books written by her, which doesn't make me an expert rather than an enthusiastic reader…

Colleen Hoover is and always will be my comfort author, and Ugly Love will always be MY FAVORITE book!

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