Jul 16, 2022

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For your mental health, here are 6 questions to ask yourself

For your mental health, here are 6 questions to ask yourself

Hello guys, today I decided to write one of the small things yet with a huge impact on my mental health, which I try to do every month...

I will give you 6 questions to ask yourself every month!!!

Let's get started, so the first question is:

1 - What is my major goal for this month?

This question will help you precise and narrow down your goals to focus only on working on one of them!!

2 - What are my strong points?

This one will definitely put you on the right track, so it will be so much easier for you to analyze your situation, and as a result, you'll be able to work your way of achieving your desired goal!!

3 - What is my new habit for this month?

Okay***,*** so this question definitely important; every habit takes on average 21 days to stuck in your daily life, so it will be a smart move if we chose one habit to sees at a time!!

For being organized most of the time, ask yourself this question:

4 - What are the three activities that I want to do this month?

In order to stay well-organized try to pick three of your favorite activities to do, it can be either a physical one or a mental one, you just have o choose whatever makes you in good mood!!

This question is also important:

5 - What / who can boost my confidence?

Finding out the thing or the person that makes you a better human being is one of the things that can make your month go amazingly well!!

Lastly, I kept this question to the very last in my post because it has great value, and has so many benefits:

6 - What am I grateful for this month?

Name as many things as you want, and be appreciative of the feeling it gives you, and the blessings you live in!!

Stay Safe...

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