Jul 24, 2022

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Productive exam preparations

Productive exam preparations

Exams are getting closer, and students are stressed; how can I prepare for my exam during a short period of time, and within this hard time of world wide pandemic??

Here is the solution :


But how can I be Productive??

In order to achieve goals, we must plan, and so we must plan our preparations for the final exam...

Here are some tips to organize your daily preparation :

1-Set a general rate: you should start knowing witch subject has more importance then the other; so as to be aware of how much effort you should put into it!!

2-make a special program : write down a program that fits your circumstances, and choose the perfect timing to revise each one of the subjects ( at the evening or earlier in the day)

3-Set a special program : to be more organized, put a certain lesson at each day! And revise it well ( Ps: if there's a possibility to set too lessons or more it'll be great), also, put a timing for each subject!!!

4-The perfect place: To Be more productive and concentrate, choose the right place to revise(calm, shiny, fresh place)

5-Summerize: To make things much more easier, make a summery for each lesson to make it easy to be memorized!!

6-Mind maps: This is an other way to memorize and summarize your lessons, and one of the most successful ways too!!! Start putting every lesson as a mind map to make it more fun and effective!!!

7-Before your exam day: this last day is the most important day of all time; If you want to be relaxed during your exam, then you should know how to use this day wisely, at this day take a pamper session, set down with your family and have a good time, stay away from bad news, and sleep early!

These are some steps you can take to have a productive study program....

Stay Safe...

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