Aug 14, 2022

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Book review: Marriage for one by Ella Maise

Book review: Marriage for one by Ella Maise

Marriage for one is one of the loveliest novels I’ve read this year.

The main characters being named Rose and Jack had a nice and unique touch, the book was well written, nicely done and exciting as well as fun to read.

The admiration I had for Rose for her stepping up her game and doing all she can to insure that her dream is achieved, is what connected me to her the most. On the other hand, Jack has a certain charm and well developed; from being a grumpy rich man to a softy -only with her- who does everything to make sure Rose is more comfortable, and quite frankly, who doesn’t love a man like hat?!

The story is consistent, well organized and light to the heart! it doesn't have too much smut, which, for me, is top notch - whenever I feel like reading a good old fashion romance, that is!

Marriage for one is a well balanced story, portraying romance and passion and ambition all in less than 500 pages, with its fake marriage trope, which leads to the forced proximity of both characters, the thing that makes Rose and Jack more willing to fall in love with each other.

Ella Maise, the author of this heartwarming, romantic rollercoaster of emotions -which will give you an insane amount of butterflies -trust me- is one of my favourite and go to writers that will never disappoint me!

Stay Safe.

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