Feb 11, 2023

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My top 10 books of 2022

My top 10 books of 2022

Hello lovelies.

First of all, happy new year everyone, I hope this is your best year to come; full of joy, happiness, and hope.

I wanted to write this earlier but couldn’t decide what book titles to include. It has been a while though, the decision making was not easy at all, but here we are.

My top 10 books of the year 2022!

I had so much fun reading so many books this year; in fact, this year was so special since I changed the language in which I used to read; I switched from Arabic to English, and it was the best thing I have ever done.

I have loved reading since I was a little girl, whether Arabic or English, reading is what keeps me going, what grounds me, and gives me strength and courage to step into the real world with fresh new point of view, after being locked into a fictional one, having a blast of course!

Without further ado, let’s start with our top #10 books of the year.

Confess by Colleen Hoove

#10: Confess by Colleen Hoover: a catchy and touching storyline, with smooth writing as always, and heartwarming vibes.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

#9: Verity by Colleen Hoover: It was my first time reading a thriller, and I literally found absolutely nothing bad to say about it! Thrilling, exciting, and spooky. It is also eventful and breathtaking, and it made me completely hooked!

Made series by Danielle Lori

#8: Made series by Danielle Lori: this series was one of the best; with catchy stories of different couples, it has mafia men. What can I say more?! Thrilling, exciting, toe curling and spicey scenes! all in all, the best!

To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

#7: To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee: I haven’t read much classic Literature this year, but this one is really unforgettable. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it was all in one: touching, classic, iconic, emotional, eventful, and realistic in a way!

Camorra chronicles by Cora Reilly

#6: Camorra chronicles by Cora Reilly: A spin-off of Born in blood series. It made me appreciate the sense of family more, it was full of love, and exciting; how can it not be? It has Mafia men! It has some amazing toe curling, hot spicey scenes.

Born in Blood series by Cora Reilly

#5: Born in Blood series by Cora Reilly: It is the first series; all in one: mafia, family, love, it was fun and exciting, with some hot and steamy scenes!

Reminders of him by colleen Hoover

#4: Reminders of him by colleen Hoover: One of my all time favourites, touching, emotional, breathtaking and heartbreaking story. It was sweet and exciting, so beautiful and meaningful. I honestly expected no less from such great author, she really raised the bar so high!

Haunting Adeline by H.D Carlton

#3: Haunting Adeline by H.D Carlton: this novel is, hands down, one of the most amazing things I’ve read. Reading this was probably the best decision t I’ve made in 2022! I was so happy, I totally ignored the trigger warnings! (make sure you read it before deciding if you're up for the journey, because it’s going to be a bumpy one, but amazing in my opinion) I love such dark tropes, it was amazing, with some very unexpected spicey scenes, and toe curling smut. I freaking loved it!

King of wrath book

#2: King of wrath: The first book of the upcoming series Kings of sin by Ana Huang, needless to say I love this author, and everything she writes (I can literally read her grocery list and find it well written!) I had the time of my life reading this one only days after it came out, it was full of love, full of happiness, with a strong FMC (as per usual of Ana), it was exciting and heartwarming to read! I totally recommend it. You won’t regret it.

Twisted series by the infamous Ana Huang

#1: Twisted series by the infamous Ana Huang: I dedicated a four blog posts review solely for this series, that should mean something. I adore this series, it has all the elements; grumpy/sunshine, strong FMCs as well as the hottest MMCs there is, with toe curling, steamy scenes, exciting events, amazing writing, reading this series gave me butterflies and a fluttering heart all the way! the best series EVER!

This is my top 10 books of the year 2022, I hope you’d take a few recommendations, and be happy with the outcome, I really enjoyed writing this one, I hope you enjoy reading it as well!

Happy new year lovelies,

Saty Safe…

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